The Beginner's Guide to is the next-generation solution for affiliate marketers. We have aggregated one billion affiliate products from dozens of affiliate networks and thousands of merchants so that you can quickly find the products you want to promote and embed those products on your website.

No longer do you need to log into multiple affiliate networks, search for links, import those links into your CMS, then regularly monitor those links' health.

In addition to sourcing nearly any affiliate product and handling the display of those products, we regularly monitor the health of your affiliate links and replace them with newer links when old links stop working. This saves you countless hours of manually checking your links and helps recover any potentially lost revenue.

What do I Need to Start Using

You will need to have your own "Channel" to start using A Channel is a place where you will be publishing content, such as a blog, website, newsletter, app, or social media.

Do I Need to be Approved by Affiliate Networks and Merchants? is not an affiliate network. You will need to be part of one of our supported networks to promote offers on Click here to see a full list of our supported networks.

Which plan should I sign up for?

We offer different plans depending on your needs. You can view information about our pricing plans here.

How do I use

Get up and running with in just 3 quick steps!

  1. Set up Networks
  2. Set up Merchants
  3. Add Channels

Then, check out What's Next to learn how to search for products and manage your Snippets.

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