Step 3: Add Channels

Let's walk through how to add your Channels.

A Channel is any place where you want to promote affiliate offers. For example your website, blog, app or your social media channel. 

It is recommended to create one Channel for each place you will be promoting affiliate offers. For example, if you have three different websites, you would create three different channels.

How to Add a Channel:

  1. Click Channels in the Navigation Bar and then click New Channel.

  1. Enter a name for your new Channel

  1. Enter the URL of your new Channel

  1. Click Add Channel.

  1. You have now successfully created a new Channel! Click Channels in the Navigation Bar to view your new Channel.

Additional Tips

Search for Channels

Use the Search bar to type in a name of a Channel to instantly find that Channel.

Sort Channels

  • Sort by Relevance: To mark a Channel as relevant, press the "star" in the lower right hand corner of the Channel. Sorting by relevance will move all the Starred Channels to the top.
  • Sort by Date Created: Date Created will sort all your Channels from the newest to oldest Channels.
  • Sort by Date Modified: Date Modified will sort all your Channels based on the most recent changes made to them. The Channels that have been most recently changed will appear at the top.

Channel View

Use the Channel View Icons to change the way in which your Channels are displayed.

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