Step 2: Set up Merchants

Let's walk through how to set up your merchants.

This is where you will add every merchant that you have joined and been approved for through the networks. For example, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or Barnes & Noble.

This is a one time set up. The merchants that you add here will automatically be added to every Channel that you create.

Note: It is important that you select only the merchants you have been approved for. If you select a merchant you have not been approved for in the networks, none of the affiliate links for those products will work.

How to Add a New Merchant

  1. Click Configuration, then click Merchants.

  1. Use the search box to type in the name of the Merchant you would like to add.

  1. Click the check box next to the Merchant to add the Merchant.

  1. Optional: Enter in your commission rate for the merchant. For example, this could be 5% or 10% or you may have a custom commission for the merchant. You can enter a commission rate, or leave this field blank.

  1. That's it! Your merchant has now successfully been selected and added to your account.

Now, repeat these steps to add the rest of your merchants.

Once you have added all your merchants, it's time to create channels!

Additional Tips:

All vs. Selected vs. Not Selected

By default, you will see all available merchants from the networks you previously added.

To see only the merchants that you have added to your account, click Selected.

To see only the merchants that you not have added to your account, click Not selected.

You can toggle between All and Selected and Not Selected as often as you would like.

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