Create a Single Offer Snippet from Search

Learn how to create a Single Offer Snippet from searching for an offer.

Create a Single Offer Snippet

  1. Type in an offer you want to search for. Then, click Search.
Search for an offer.
  1. Once you find the offer you want to display, click the Buy Button icon.
Click the Buy Button icon
  1. Click Copy Snippet.
Click Copy Snippet.

Your Single Offer Snippet has now been created! Now, it's time to paste the Snippet on your website and start earning!

To view your new Snippet click Snippets in the left sidebar.

Find your new Single Offer Snippet.

Your new Snippet will be at the top of your Snippet list. To preview your Snippet, click on the Snippet title, and then click on Preview.

Preview new Single Offer Snippet.
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