Find your Admitad Affiliate ID

Before you can promote products from the Admitad Affiliate Network, you will need to have a Admitad Affiliate ID to use in your product links.

Here's how to find your Admitad Affiliate ID:

  1. Login into your Admitad control panel.
  2. Select your website's Ad Space in the header.
  3. Select Programs > My Programs.

    Programs on Admitad.
  4. Click on a "Banners and Links" button.

    Banners and Links on Admitad.
  5. Copy/paste the "Default affiliate link" into a text editor.

    Default Affiliate Link on Admitad.
  6. Do this for at least 2 other merchants.
  7. Compare the long strings of letters and numbers in the 3 affiliate links against each other.

    Location of Admitad Affiliate ID.
  8. The part which is identical in the 3 strings is your Admitad Affiliate ID.
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