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Learn about what Channels are and their function.

What is a Channel?

A Channel is any place where you want to publish content. For example your website, blog or your social media channel.  If you have three different websites, you would create three channels, one for each of your websites.

Why do I need to add Channels to Affiliate.com?

Adding a Channel on Affiliate.com lets you easily view, create, and control all your affiliate offers on that Channel. You can also access important reporting data such as clicks and impressions for each Channel.

How do I use Channels?

Each Channel provides a page for Dashboard, Search, Manage Snippets, Added to Channel, Networks, Merchants, and Settings.

More Channels FAQs

  • How many Channels can I add?
    • You can add as many Channels as you like.
  • Who can add a Channel?
    • The Team Admin can add a Channel.
  • Who can remove a Channel?
    • The Team Admin can remove a Channel. IMPORTANT: Removing a Channel on Affiliate.com will remove all affiliate offers from the Channel. It is not recommended to remove a Channel.
  • If I update an affiliate offer on Affiliate.com, will it automatically update on my Channel?
    • Yes! You can edit and update offers on Affiliate.com and these changes will automatically be reflected on your Channel.
  • Do I need to use the same networks and merchants for all of my Channels?
    • No. You can add different networks and merchants for each Channel.

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