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Learn what Teams are and their function.

What is a Team?

A Team is a grouping of Channels where Team Members can handle all affiliate marketing needs associated with those Channels.

How does a Team work?

A Team is created by a Team Admin. The Team Admin will add Channels to the team and invite Team Members to join the team.

Team Members are typically those involved in sourcing products, adding affiliate offers and producing content for the Channels on the Team. The Team Admin can set specific permissions and controls for each Team Member.

What is the purpose of a Team?

The purpose of a Team is to streamline and simplify affiliate marketing management needs.

There is no longer a need to share logins and log onto multiple networks to find offers. Each Team Member on Affiliate.com will have their own login and can search across all networks in one query.

More Team FAQs:

  • What information do I need to add a Team Member?
    • You will need to know the email address of the Team Member you want to add to your Team.
  • Can I invite someone to my Team who does not have an Affiliate.com account?
    • Yes! You can invite anyone to your Team, regardless of if they have an existing Affiliate.com account. Team Members will be prompted to create their own Affiliate.com account when they receive the team invitation.
  • How many Team Members can I add to my Team?
    • You can add as many Team Members to your Team as you like.
  • Can I invite someone to be a Team Member on multiple Teams?
    • Yes. There is no limit to the number of Teams a Team Member can be on.
  • Can a Team Member see what their permissions are?
    • No. Only the Team Admin can see Team Member permissions.
  • Can a Team Member see other Teams that they have not been invited too?
    • No. Team Members can only view the information for the Team they have been invited too and given permissions by the Team Admin.

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