Add to Bucket from Search

What is the Bucket?

The fourth Search Action Icon is the Bucket. Your Bucket holds all the products that you have found during your product search. You can add one or more products to your Bucket. Once you are finished, the products in your Bucket will be displayed as one Snippet which you can configure and customize.

How to add Products to the Bucket

  1. Search for a Product.

  1. When you find the Product you would like to display, click the fourth Search Action Icon to add the product to a Bucket.

  1. You will see that the Product has now been added to your Bucket.

  1. If you would like to add additional products to your Bucket, continue repeating these steps.

  1. Once you are finished adding Products to your Bucket, you can click the Bucket to view all the Products you have added.

  1. Lastly, click Configure.

Now, you will be able to customize and edit the Snippet you just created with the products you added to your Bucket.

How to remove Products in the Bucket

There are a few ways to remove the Products in your Bucket.

  1. To remove an individual product from your Bucket, simply click the - icon and the product will be removed.

You can also remove an individual product directly from the Bucket.

  1. Click the Bucket to open it.

  1. Click the - icon next to the product you would like removed to remove that Product.

You can also remove all products from the Bucket.

  1. Click the Bucket to open it.

  1. Click Remove All to remove all products in your Bucket.

How to reorder products in the Bucket

  1. Click the Bucket to open it.

  1. Drag the products up or down to reorder them.

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