Get Product URL/HTML from Search

What is the Product URL and HTML?

This first Search Action Icon is used to quickly grab the product URL/HTML.

    • The URL is a quick and easy way to add the product to your live Channel. This is commonly used to add the offer link to text or to an image on your live Channel.
    • The HTML gives you more control over how the offer link looks and works. This is commonly used to customize text, attributes, and styles for a distinct look or additional features.

How to Get Product URL/HTML from Search

  1. Search for a Product.

  1. When you find the Product you would like to display, click the first Search Action Icon to get link URL/HTML.

  1. Click either Copy URL or Copy HTML Link.

  1. The product will now be displayed as purple to confirm you have successfully copied the URL/HTML.

The URL/HTML can now be pasted directly on your live Channel.

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