Added to Channel Page

The Added to Channel Page shows you all the products you have created Snippets for on a Channel. This means, every time you copy a Product URL, generate a Comparison Set, or configure any type of Snippet, the products included will automatically be added to the Added to Channel Page.

View Added to Channel Page

  1. To view the Added to Channel Page, click Channel and then click Added to Channel.

Added to Channel Action Icons: Copy URL

  1. To copy a Product URL, simply click the URL icon.

Added to Channel Action Icons: Edit Tags

  1. To Edit Tags, click the Tag Icon.

  1. To add a Tag, type in the name of the Tag you would like to add and then click Done.

  1. To remove a Tag, click the x next to the Tag you would like to remove.

Delete a Product

  1. To delete a product, click the check box next to the Product Image for all of the products you want to delete.

  1. Click Delete Selected Offers.

  1. Click Confirm.

Reorder Products

The products on this page can be reordered by Merchant (A-Z), Merchant (Z-A), Name (A-Z), Product Name (Z-A), Barcode (Low to High) or Barcode (High to Low).

  1. To reorder the products, click the arrow next to the variable you want to order by. For example, to order by Merchant, click the arrow next to Merchant. The products will now be ordered by Merchant (A-Z).

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