Manage Snippets

All Snippets are fully customizable. Learn how to change the Snippet template, colors, text, and more.

Snippet Layout

Choose from a variety of layouts to display your Snippet. When choosing a layout, consider the number of products that you have in your Snippet. For instance, if you have multiple products in your Snippet, it is not recommended to choose the Single Product layout.

Name Your Snippet

Naming your Snippet helps you organize and find it easily later on. You can name your Snippet based off the products in the Snippet, the article title the Snippet is being placed in, the date you created the Snippet, etc.

Background Color

Change the background color of the Snippet.

Add Tags

Add products that are associated with a certain Tag(s) to the Snippet. To learn more about Tags, click here.

Text Colors

Change the color of the Product Name.

Change the color of the Product Description.


Short Names can be toggled on and off. A short name is the condensed version of the Product Name. This will automatically shorten the Product Name to just a few words.


The Button Text can be customized to be your preferred wording. You can also use the {{merchant}} and/or {{price}} placeholders to automatically pull in this information.

Change the color of the Button.

Change the color of the Button Text.

Change the size of the Button Text. The size ranges from XS all the way to 9XL.


Change the width of the Border.

Change the color of the Border.

Change the Border Style from Solid, Dashed, Dotted, Double, Hidden or None.

Toggle Tip on and off to add an arrow at the bottom of the Snippet.


Add a Shadow to your Snippet. The Shadows range from Small to 2XL. The Shadow can be added to the bottom of the Snippet, or the inner part of the Snippet.

Max Number of Offers

The Max Number of Offers limits how many offers will be displayed in the Snippet. For example, if you set the Max Number of Offers to be 3, only a maximum of 3 offers will be shown in the Snippet.

Order By

Order By will rearrange the offers in the Snippet. You can Order By: Price (Low to High), Price (High to Low), Merchant (A to Z), Merchant (Z to A), Commission (Low to High), Commission (High to Low), or Manually.

Product Badge

The Product Badge Type can either be Text or Discount. Choosing "Text" allows you to enter in your own custom text to display in the Badge. Choosing "Discount" allows you to display the percentage off the product is in the Badge, if the product is on sale.

If you chose the Text Product Badge, you can enter in your own custom text to display in the Badge.

Change of the color of the Badge Text.

Change the Badge Style. The Badge Style can be displayed as Pill (rounded) or Square.

Change the Badge Location. You can move the Badge to be displayed in the Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left or Bottom Right.

Change the Badge Color.

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